mythology 5 text questions

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Please include both the question and answer in document 🙂

  1. How do myths and legends shape a society?
  2. How were myths and legends used to explain the natural world before science?
  3. What role do myths play in the cultural activities of a society?
  4. How do myths provide life with meaning?
  5. Do myths and legends establish moral guidelines for living?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Name at least three ways our culture would be different if we had no myths and legends. Do you think life would be better, the same, or worse?
  2. The bogeyman can be found all over the world. Describe how the bogeyman is portrayed in our culture.
  3. Think of a character trait you believe is important in a person. Now describe a myth or legend from our culture that reinforces the importance of the trait.
  4. The Viking version of the afterlife was an extension of what was important to them on Earth: bravery in battle. Describe what the afterlife might look like to a culture that valued a theme of your choosing. Ideas: wealth, peace, knowledge, entertainment, independence, etc.
  5. Food and drink are often the objects of myth and legend. Describe a food or drink that a visitor to our country might think was sacred to us.

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