Myth and Literature why do you think Ares is shown as the representative of bloodlust and not courage in war or military strategy

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write three paragraphs about :-

Lecture/Text Aids for Discussion Question Two

Considering the concepts discussed in lecture and text why do you think Ares is shown as the representative of bloodlust and not courage in war or military strategy? What does his character reveal about Greek attitudes toward warfare and performance on the battlefield? See chapter 5 pp. 213-214 You should also utilize the lecture on “The Iliad” as well in your response, especially the section on the Heroic Model (outlined below).

Remember to discuss the topic thoroughly, in well-structured paragraphs. Your first response is due October 5 at 5:00 pm. I will respond and make suggestions for you to include in your follow-up posts and October 12 at 5:00 pm. During the period between October 5 and October 12 you can post new threads to enhance your original post AND respond to fellow students.

Heroic Model

Heroes have what the Greeks call Agathos (good) referring to honor, bravery, skill in war and athleticism.

  • Both savage and beautiful
  • Purpose is to win honor and be recognized for sacrifice by his comrades (seat of honor, feasting, prizes)
  • Eloquent, courteous, generous and wise. “Always be the best and preeminent in the field was the Greek warrior’s motto
  • Courage and endurance
  • Piety: Honor the Gods
  • Keep oaths/promises
  • Respect elders
  • Loyalty and comradeship (with immediate group)
  • Be open for but necessarily seek the Lust of Ares which can take hold of a great warrior.
    • A warrior society like the Greeks breeds into its future warriors a savage recognition of the “works of Ares’ a lust to annihilate the enemy. For example: in Book 6 of the Iliad the Trojan Hero Hektor lifts up his young son and prays that he will be a better warrior than his father and “bring back the bloody spoils of a dead enemy and make his mother’s heart glad…” Iliad 6: 479-481.

    please follow the rubric

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