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In this class, you will compose a research paper called a literature review. The purpose of a literature review is to pursue the answer to a research question using established research by other scientists. Your paper will be 2-3 pages, written in APA style, and will be on a topic of your choosing that is covered within this course. Each week, you will have an assignment that will help you to brainstorm, plan, research, write, and revise your paper.

Over the next few weeks, you will:

  • Identify a topic that interests you
  • Focus your research question
  • Identify studies and other literature reviews that attempt to answer the research question
  • Review, analyze, and evaluate the literature
  • Organize and develop a draft of your paper
  • Finalize your paper

First, you will identify a possible topic upon which you will focus your research.

I have included a template to help you with these steps under Week 1: Readings and Tools. You are not going to be writing a paper this week, but going through the steps to come up with a great outline.


  1. Look through the table of contents in your textbook to identify possible topics for your research paper. Make sure you focus on the chapters that are covered within this course. Then, compile a broad list of all the topics you found that interest you.
  2. As you make your list, look for patterns. Your list may reveal that you are particularly interested in language development, personality disorders, or how early environment affects development.
  3. Use the information to narrow the list to three possible topics. After each topic, write a short paragraph that expresses why you are interested in that topic.

Next, you will isolate a topic upon which you will focus your research and write research questions.

  1. Review your list and select a single topic that interests you.
  2. Use the textbook and available resources on the Internet to review more material about your subject. (You can use a search engine at this stage. You are only perusing the material to develop a research question.) Write down various questions you have about the subject.

    Here are some tips to remember:

    1. Make sure your questions are answerable. Questions that begin with the word why may be harder to answer than questions that begin with who, what, when, where, and how.
    2. Consider that you only have about three weeks to conduct your review. Try to ask a question that is narrow enough for you to actually answer in those three weeks.
  1. Narrow your list to the best three questions you have. Make sure you are interested in researching these, and that the questions are broad enough to support a full research paper. Examples of good research questions include:
    • What is the connection between diet and Asperger’s syndrome?
    • Are people who are intrinsically motivated more successful than extrinsically motivated people?
    • What are the global standards for ethics in operant conditioning studies?
  2. Include one or two possible sources to support the question. These sources can be from the textbook, other print material, or the Internet.
  3. This assignment should be about 300 words long.

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