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This is my story… My biological mother died when I was only two years old, she was 26 years old. She died of AIDS, she was so sick no doctor could save her, she hated looking the way she look (sick). she hated how everyone in the family but her parents turn their back on her and looked down on her. After she died and we buried her I didn’t really understand what that meant, so it didn’t hit till i was 5 years old in Kindergarten and I understand how a family work there’s a mom and dad and grandma and grandpa, and I realized I was staying with my grandparents. I came home one day and ask my grandparents why don’t i have a mom and a dad, they explained to me how my mom died and my dad left when my mom left. At first I was innocent and just felt like i was missing them, but as i got older like 12 years old in middle school, I felt like I was good enough for my parents, I felt like they didn’t care about me, my grandparents tried to explain to me how it’s not what i am portraying it be. My grandparents sticking up for my parents triggered me to be a violent pre teen and teenager. I didn’t care about anyone, because i felt as if parents are suppose to be people you can depend on when all else fails, and if they left me, who can trust who can depend on if i can’t even depend on my parents. Your parents are suppose to be your first love and contact with human beings- and i got my first heart break from my parents. In middle school I was getting suspend a lot and almost failed 7th grade from lack of interest in doing good in life. I joined a girl group, full of bad girls, we terrorized the school together, and got in trouble together, we felt like sisters. It was one day towards the end of my 7th grade year, I was in the assistant principal office, the assistant principal was talking to me about a permanent suspension from all Broward county schools, I didn’t talk at all in that whole meeting because i wasn’t scared of failing. Later on that day in class I sat with my group of girls in class, and these thoughts and feelings just came at me, I ask my friends why do we do the things we do, someone answered because it’s fun and they all laughed, I didn’t laugh, I started analyzing them, and i began too think about my parents, how from when i was a baby to now, they didn’t raise me to act wild, and they didn’t associate themselves with bad people. For the first time ever i thought I’m better than this, i may have been drop off in my grandparents arms and i may have complex family situation, but I have grand parents who love me and i love me, and i want be better than where i am at now, i can’t change the past or be upset with my biological parents and my grandparents, because i can control my future, i can go to college and get a good job and be somebody in life, for myself. I developed a mindset to stop caring about where i come from and focus on where i am going. I started hanging out with the smart and kind kids of the schools, i got better grades and in the 8th grade i signed my self up for a military academy high school, because I realized i loved structure and discipline environment. I attended this high school and i enjoyed my time, i mental grew a lot because i didn’t dive right in to looking for friendship, i was searching for self, i wanted to make my self better because i want to put good into the world not bad energy. I am now a young adult who has learned that not everything that’s worth it is easy, but i have also learned that just because i started out in a bad place, doesn’t mean ill stay they. I am ready for my next adventure, my next chance to be successful, college.

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