music composer

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Class is music composers: the assignment is to do research about composer, here is the assignment:

Your assigned composer is: Francis Poulenc

A 600-word (minimum) research paper, including a works cited page, that addresses the following:

1.Composer’s information: date born, date died, country of birth, instruments played, family life, and impact this composer had on music and composition

2. A clear explanation of this composer’s compositional style, including: era of composition, traits of this style, and how this kind of music was received by audiences during this composer’s lifetime

3. A study of ONE (1) piece written by this composer that exemplifies his or her compositional style, including: name of piece, date the piece was published, instrumentation of the piece, and how it sounds to you (beautiful, intense, dramatic, lovely, etc.) and why it sounds that way.

Acceptable sources for citation for this project include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Encyclopedia Britannica

Grove Music Online

Printed materials from the WVU library

Any non-academic websites, such as Wikipedia (or things that end in .com) should not be used in this project. All information you include in this document must be properly cited.

This paper must be submitted via e-mail by Friday, April 26th at midnight at the latest.

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