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1 the women’s liberation movement_______

was inclusive of african american women, but not women of other ethnicities

united women across race and class

united women across sexual orientation

united women across sexual orientation

consisted of mostly white middle-class women

2 by 1965, the total number of U.S combat troops in vietnam topped_______





3 which of these was characteristic of news coverage of the vietnam war from 1965 forward

scenes of devastation and civilian suffering

strong support of johnson and his decisions

absence of reports on american casualties

keeping coverage of the war to a minimum

4 the strategic arms limitation treaty(SAKT) represented the first success of an arms control agreement__________

between the israelis and arabs

with the north vietnamese

with the soviet union

with the chinese

5 which of these explains the desire of leonid brezhnev to meet with nixon in 1972

he was anxious about U.S involvement in china and eager for economic assistance

he needed nixon’s help if he was to hold onto power in the kremlin

he believed that the soviet union was in a strong position to force the U.S to compromise in key areas

he wanted to propose a comprehensive alliance between the soviet union and the united states

6 which of these popular slogans linked generational rebellion and opposition to the U.S war in vietnam

hell no, we wont go

make love, not war

never trust anyone over thirty

flower power

7 despite deteriorating conditions found there, millions of african americans continues to moved to the cities because they____________

were connecting with family members

were fleeing rural poverty

wanted to be on equal footing with whites when it came to empolyment opportunities

were willing to pay the price to live in a desegregated environment

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