Moraine Valley Community College Cell Phones Use and Cancer Research Paper

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I need support with this Biology question so I can learn better.

Develop a page paper (250 words) addressing all of the points below and back up your posting with reference and notation from a reliable scientific website (EX: National Geographic, PBS, Discovery, Smithsonian, New Scientist, Nature, Scientific American, Science Daily, New Science, The Guardian, Science News, Biology News, Popular Science, The New York Times Science Section, The Scientist). Also use your book!

In Unit 1, you learned about differentiating between fact and fiction; reliable information and unreliable information; and dare I say: real and fake news. I’m sure you have heard about the link between cell phones and cancer, but what’s the truth? Do some research and use at least 2 reliable scientific sources to determine the facts behind cell phones causing cancer. I have provided a list of reliable sources above. It is highly suggested you stick to these sources! And make sure you cite those sources. Do not copy or quote from those sources. You must read what the sources have to offer then synthesize your answer in your own words.

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