module 6 quality mgmt

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Now that you have completed your research and analysis for your
company as the Quality Improvement Manger, it is time to finalize the
report of your findings. Use Malcolm Baldrige’s seven categories of
criteria for Quality Improvement, and organize all of your work into a
PowerPoint presentation in nine or more slides. You will include the
following slides:

  1. Title Slide: Including title of report, name, date
  2. A slide for Leadership: How will the
    organization’s leaders meet and sustain the organization’s governance
    for ethics, legal, societal, and community responsibility.
  3. A slide for Strategic Planning: What at the strategic objectives and/or action plans? How will these be measured, deployed, or changed if needed?
  4. A slide for Customer focus: How does the
    organization engage customers both long and short term, listen to
    customer feedback, build relationships, and use this information for
  5. A slide for Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management:
    How did you gather your information, analyze, manage, and organize your
    findings? What would you do differently or change in order to improve
    your analysis for future research? How was this information gathered and
    used to improve performance?
  6. A slide for Workforce focus: How does the
    organization meet the needs of the workforce, assess workforce
    capabilities, and meet the organizations vision and objectives?
  7. A slide for Operations Focus: How does the
    organization meet the operational needs for quality management? Consider
    how the organization designs, manages, and improves work systems based
    on your findings and/or research.
  8. A slide for Results/conclusion: How does the
    organization’s performance and improvement measure in all key areas:
    leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, workforce,
    and operations meet the challenges for continuous improvement.
  9. Reference slide and/or end notes

Remember this is a professional presentation. You will want to keep
slide information to a minimum (bullet points, etc.). You will need to
“present” this presentation to your instructor using voice recording.
You may choose to video record yourself speaking or just a voice over
recording of PowerPoint.

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