modify the proposal to analytical research paper

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Please read through all the requirements before you write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please read through all the requirements before you write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please read through all the requirements before you write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already had 4 pages proposal. Now it needs to be extended as an analytical research paper.

Teacher gave few commendations about the proposal. Please help me modify it in the paper.

Teacher’s command:

The fundamental question of the paper is sensible and good: “Why has the United States become more polarized?” The execution of pursuing this question is a little confusing to me, from the proposal, though.
Here’s where I get confused:
1. It’s unclear if by “polarization in Washington” you mean polarization internally, polarization as a state, or both.
2. The proposal is attempting to place abortion at the center of the analysis, but it’s not clear how exactly abortion is related to polarization and, moreover, abortion is not mentioned in the thesis statement and political rhetoric around abortion is not mentioned in the argument preview, which discusses abortion law rather than rhetoric. How is abortion connected to your argument?
3. It’s not clear how conflict theory can explain an *increase* in polarization–that is, conflicting interests within society is a historically norm. Is there reason to think that these conflicting interests have intensified, and if so, why so? That is, e.g., why is immigration more of a problem now than in the past? The argument preview seems to be aiming at a general description of human nature, but this can’t explain variation–human nature is presumably a constant.
4. The thesis statement also seems to be somewhat at odds with the argument preview, in that the thesis states that polarization stems from “choices,” but the argument preview mentions, e.g., race as a cause of polarization, which is both not a choice and also more or less a constant across American history.
5. I’d focus on narrowing down your explanation of increasing polarization to a few causal factors. Right now, the paper seems to attribute it to a wide range of factors that don’t “hang together” that well as a coherent causal story.

Paper Requirements:

8-10 pages max; double-spaced; 12 point font; 1″ margins

Citations are of your choosing but need to be a recognizable style (Chicago, MLA, etc.)

Scholarly sources in peer reviewed journals are always preferred and, at the very least, two should be present. Integrating more than two is helpful towards strengthening your argument, analysis, and grade.

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