Modern Society individual assignment

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Individual Assignment is the working link, and the other files are the contents that need to be read for answering the questions. (you do not need to answer any questions other then in the working link)

Please include more details in the answers.

Here are some more info for the questions (they are required in order to answer the questions)

You will receive an incomplete grade (zero) for minimalist submissions or submissions which do not demonstrate understanding and thorough explanation of the concepts, or which simply copy and paste from the assigned reading.

In each of the answers, you should apply facts about commodity chains to illustrate the concepts. Don’t generalize about countries in the zones, but refer to workers, businesses, and states of the different zones

you may need…

Watch video,read the PDF “supply and demand and proximate and Ultimate”,read “Read and View: Unequal Exchange in Commodity Chains” “Modern Society”View the PPT Modern Societywatch video

look African Exploiitation NYT interactive:…

and this video for the mega city question

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