MMC 3213 Blog and Twitter Post

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Using the information that I wrote about in the News Story as a starting point, you are to write (1) a Blog post and (2) a Twitter post. View below for the News Story and for a sample of how the Blog and Twitter post should look like.

Blog Post:

Your post should be about a subject or phenomenon that you discovered and/or wrote about in the News Story. For example, if you wrote about the school sponsoring the Homecoming dance, your post could be about how some communities restrict homecoming activities, dates, dress codes, dance types, etc.

This should also be something that you have an opinion about that you will provide factual information via links to other instances, articles, pictures, graphs, etc. You are allowed to write using the personal “I” and to include information that can come from personal observation and/or experience.

Your Blog Post MUST:

  • Be written in AP Style
  • Contain a Headline
  • Contain 3 live links into other articles. The links should be a live link and can be accomplished by using the “Insert” and ‘Link’ commands in Word. Links should appear within your writing.
  • Make sure that all proper names and places referred to are tagged. Tags MUST be listed at the end of the blog entry.
  • 150-200 words
  • 25% or less similarity score
  • Times New Roman 12 pt., single-spaced.
  • Click here (Links to an external site.) to learn more about how to organize your blog post.

The Twitter Post (Tweet)

The tweet must include hashtags and should not be more than 280 characters. This post should relate directly to your blog post. Think of it as tweeting to get people interested in reading your blog post. Click here (Links to an external site.) to learn more about Twitter.

Submit a single Word document that contains:

  1. A blog post with a headline and tags
  2. A tweet with hashtags

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