Minnesota State College Stigma Number of Plant Species Essay

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What is the # of stigma lobes, # of stigma, # of style branches or styles, # of lobes of ovary, # of locules (spaces) inside ovary and # of carpels of these species?

1. Claytonia virginica L.

2. Helleborus ×hybridus

3. Amelanchier arborea (Michx. f.) Fernald

4. Viola sororia Willd.

5. Veronica serpyllifolia L. var. serpyllifolia

6. Cardamine concatenate (Michx.) O. Schwarz

7. Viola blanda Willd.

8. Ranunculus hispidus Michx.

9. Glechoma hederacea L.

10. Cercis canadensis L. var. canadensis

11. Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. ex Link

12. Stellaria media (L.) Vill.

13. Cornus florida L.

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