Method and Ann project

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Methods Sections

The subject of the research was arrived at after evaluatingthe previous studies done by other researchers relating toperforming arts and realised that most researchers hadbeen concentrated on the techniques of improving performance arts and the challenges of performing arts,but there waslimited research on the significance of performing arts to children. Moreover, there wasinsufficient research proposing changes policies that were relating children to performance arts. Therefore there was the need to conduct a study on the effects of the performing arts on the development of children personal development. The analysis can be significant to the policy makers as it will provide relevantinformation required to initiate policy changes.

The research will extensively use qualitative data. Qualitativedata will be useful since the analysis involves socialeconomic aspect such the selfesteem of the children, three general behaviours, academic performance, communication and psychological well-being. One of the methods of collecting the data will be interviewing the art instructors and parents whose kids are involved in performing arts and record their response.Secondly conducting a case study and observing the character ofindividuals who are arts participant and those who do not participate in arts but are of the same social status will be significant. Moreover, it will be essentialtoresearch previous works done by scholar relating to the subject.

Most of the information will be derived from interviews hence the use of sound recorder will be significant. The soundrecorder will be purchased or hired,but it will be economical toborrow since the entire research will requiremany resources mostly due to travelling, arranging the meeting venue, and conducting the cases studies that are to add cost. The sound recorder will have the issue with privacy. However, the studywill limit itself to questions that are less personal. Additionally, the interviewee will only answer questions that are less sensitive.Also, the researcher will have to ensure that the recorded data cannot be access by

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