MBAFP 6004 Assessment 3-Research and Social Media Metrics, business & finance homework help

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  • Required Resources

    This template will assist you in formatting and completing your assessment.

  • Assessment Instructions


    • Consult the Microsoft Tutorials link in the Resources if you need to brush up on the basic functions of Excel.
    • Conduct an audit of your chosen company’s Facebook, Twitter, and one other social media platform. Include qualitative and quantitative measures of each.
    • Research the social media activities of two direct competitors of your company.
    • Review the Social Media Analysis Research Template Excel spreadsheet linked in the Resources. You will use it to complete the assessment.


    Open the Social Media Analysis Research Template, and fully complete the appropriate cells in each of the two tabs.

    Tab 1: Questions

    Answer each of the questions and fill in all their associated cells in the first tab of the spreadsheet. Provide sources in APA format, and discuss (in detail) why the sources you found were or were not credible. Do not use the same Web site or source for all questions. Use at least 3 different sources for this worksheet.

    Tab 2: Quantitative Data

    Complete the cells for your company and two of its competitors. Include data for Facebook, Twitter, and your choice for the third social media platform (Linked In, Instagram, et cetera).Notice that for Facebook and Twitter, computations will automatically be made by the template. For your chosen media platform you will need to replicate the function for the “Competitor Average” cell that makes the same computation found in the Facebook and Twitter “Competitor Average” entries. Submit the completed spreadsheet for this assessment.

    Assessment 3 Example

    VIEW EXAMPLE ASSESSMENTSee a successful example of this assessment.How to use example assessments

    Research and Social Media Metrics Scoring Guide

    VIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.

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