Maximizing profit on a chicken farm

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You have just inherited a spacious chicken farm in Connecticut, which to start has five chickens and five eggs, and you wish to run it to maximize profit.Your farm is located adjacent to a road, and sometimes chickens cross the road.Your challenges are to:

  1. (a) estimate how many chickens the farm will have after sixty months, and (b) explain how you arrived at your estimate.IF your chief strategy is to sell lots of eggs, (c) devise an approach to sell the most fresh eggs feasible, (d) estimate how many you will have sold over the 60 months, and (d) explain how you so estimated.
  2. identify five to ten important model elements that you have included in making your estimate(s);
  3. identify the values (e.g., constants) that you assigned to elements in making your estimate(s), and why you chose those values; and
  4. think and work sufficiently in this assignment, and avoid a too-easy answer like: “zero, I sold or ate them all” or “zero, they were the victim of fowl play” or “zero, an asteroid hit my farm and … sob … they didn’t have a chance” or “I’m limited by law to ten chickens.”Your goals here must be: to apply your learning to date about feedback and model boundaries, and to learn and stretch even more!
  5. Specify what instances of reinforcing AND balancing feedback your answer exhibits.You must draw them using Vensim PLE and then paste them into your Word document submission.

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