Marketing Strategic and Tactical Planning

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Attached you will find the company I came up with “Bella’s Boutique” This paper needs to go off of that. Also you will find the Marketing Strategic that was done last week so it will help with this paper.

Strategic Planning is a critical step in marketing, promotion and sales. There are full company strategic plans where the vision and goals for the whole company are outlined.

For this assignment, we are looking at a Marketing Strategic Plan and Tactics.

Overall Marketing Strategy Statement

Provide one introductory paragraph that summarizes your marketing goals. You may want to include the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the main business goals you want to achieve in the first year (in terms of marketing)? Do you just want to be able to “launch” or are you looking for specific market share or sales volume?
  • Do you have long terms goals as they relate to marketing and sales? For example, do you want to be a national brand sold in 50% of all mass merchandisers or do you want to be one of the Top 100 paid apps at iTunes?

Strategy andTactical Plan

In 2 -3 pages, describe the details of your marketing strategy and how you plan to execute that strategy by outlining the tactics you will pursue. The plan should include the following details:

  • Description of your target market
  • Position of your product with the current target market and industry
  • Outline of the channels of distribution to be used
  • Proposal for customer engagement

Tactical Plan

Provide at least three examples of how you plan on executing your strategy through specific tactics

  • Outline the resources needed and how you will measure the success of the tactics.

As this is a marketing/sales course, your project should be visually appealing with a clear, concise point of view. Excellent spelling and grammar are required.

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