Marketing discussion questions

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I am interning for a restaurant/café called Plate and Petal. This discussion question is about that restaurant. ( the industry/company mentioned bellow).

This is the website for Plate and Petal to get a better idea the restaurant.

www.plateandpetalglendale.comEthics is an interesting topic. The American Marketing Association (AMA) provides the marketing profession with a statement of ethics. Go to the AMA’s ethics statement and read it (… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). The AMA lists ethical norms and values they believe all marketers should follow. Those of you who have taken MKT 350 should be interested in the last bullet under the Fairness value. Specifically, it mentions “seek to protect the private information of customers, employees and partners.”

Does your company have an official statement or policy on ethics? (Ask your boss or a person in management.) In your opinion, is the statement consistent with AMA’s ethics statement? Whether or not your company has an official statement about ethics, do discussions about ethics ever come up at your company? If your company does not have an official statement or policy on ethics, what would you suggest your organization do about that?

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