make 5 comments/annotations for 8 articles

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You will need to read and make 5 comments/annotations for each article within the Persuall application in order to receive the reading points.

✦For each assigned reading, you are required to make five annotations (thoughtful comments about an article) in Perusall. Thoughtful annotations may engage in key points in the readings, stimulate discussion, offer informative questions or comments, and/or help others by addressing their questions or confusions. You can also make annotations that directly respond to the instructor’s or TA’s prompts and comments on a particular reading.

✦Reading annotations are due no later than Friday at 11:59 pm each week. (Those annotations must be based on the readings assigned for the previous week)

✦Each thoughtful annotation is worth 3 points. You will need to read five thoughtful annotations/comments on Perusall for each reading article. That means that students can earn up to a total of 15 points possible per each assigned r eading.

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