M5-A3 Final Draft

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NOTE: The attached file Mervin M4-A3.docx is the original draft. Please revised by adding more information and making necessary corrections.

Assignment 3: Course Project—Final Draft of Essay

In this assignment, you will complete final revisions and submit your
five-paragraph essay on your chosen topic presenting an informed,
cohesive opinion.

As you reach the final stages of revision, examine your writing
style. Did you use complete sentences and avoid run-ons and comma
splices? Do you reuse words too often? Do you choose passive voice when
active voice would make the paper more engaging? This is a good time to
read your paper aloud to a friend or into a recorder to catch any
inconsistencies in your style.

After developing your thesis, writing body paragraphs, writing a
conclusion, revising for effectiveness, and editing for grammar and
style, the time has come to submit your final paper! Be sure that your
essay includes the following:

  • A strong thesis statement
  • A well-written introduction
  • The main body with at least three separate body paragraphs
  • A complete, well-written conclusion

Review your essay for the following:

  • Specific details
  • Well-formed topic sentences
  • Well-selected stories, descriptive details, or comparisons
  • Logical arrangement of details and ideas with appropriate transitions
  • No repetition or wordiness
  • Appropriate revisions based on first draft feedback
  • Proper use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling

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