lp7 2 article review

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Find the following article:
Mahat, G. Scoloveno, M., DeLeon, T, & Frenkel, J. (2008). Preliminary Evidence of an Adolescent HIV/AIDS Peer Education Program. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 23(5), p. 358-363.

When reading this article, focus on understanding the abstract and/or the introductory paragraphs, the conclusions, and any charts or graphs. Read the body of the article to fill in the details.

NOTE: If you have problems locating this article, click on the Ask-A-Librarian tab which is located on the navigation bar at the top of NAU’s Online Library’s home page. Our librarians are ready to help you if you get stuck!

Complete the review questions for the article by downloading the LP07 Article Review Worksheet. Questions 9 and 10 may be given partial credit at the discretion of the Instructor. All other questions must have exact correct answers.


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