Literature Review for Cloud COmputing project.

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Literature Review for Cloud Computing project.

CS 5610 Introduction to Cloud Computing

Literature Review

Submit 6 files, respectively: your report (a Word or pdf file) and 5 references (pdf files). Do NOT compress them to a single file.

Name your references as 1.pdf, 2.pdf, and so on. The references submitted should be consistent with the references listed at the end of the report.

Read five recent papers/articles on cloud computing related topics, and at most ONE to be review/survey paper/article, other four references to be non-review/non-survey paper/article.

Format requirements are the same as for the assignment report.

Write a 10-page (double spaced) review paper integrating and expanding the selected research paper subjects with the course topics.

The cover page includes course, semester, title, author info. For example,

Use your own sentences to write the report.

Use appropriate references and citations. Refer to the following links:  or

This will not be a paper report (to review the references), rather a thoughtful discussion of the research papers content pertaining to the material we have covered in the course.

Papers and articles from IEEE Transactions on Computers, and the Communications of the ACM; or other journals or proceedings approved by the instructor.

Report Criteria

To evaluate writing report, the following criteria will be used whether the report exceeds expectation, meets expectation, does not met expectation, or not applicable.


Topic is tightly focused and relevant; presentation demonstrates a good understanding of the problem area, and contains accurate information with no fact errors.


Ideas are presented in logical order with effective transitions between paragraphs; text is clear and concise.


Major ideas are supported by citations and effective visual aids; citations are current and used properly; report conforms to the prescribed style guide or format.


Text is written in appropriate tone and style; proper word selection and phrasing throughout Tone, style and word selection are targeted to audience.


Text provides good depth and detail; ideas will be developed; facts have adequate backgrounding; report is within specified length.


Text contains no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors; sentences are readable and complete; report contains required sections.

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