Literature Review and Bibliography to Master Thesis

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Thesis topic – Obama-Trump diplomatic relations between Israel and United States and their influence on the Middle East.

1500-2000 words: contributes to learning outcomes 3, 4. Students are expected to put together a working draft of the Bibliography of their research project and explain the import of their sources. The studentsshould obey the criteria of “the Harvard Style” and put together a correct and working bibliography. This should form the basis of their bibliography for their prospectus. The Literature Review should be relevant secondary literature of the student’s research topic (and it usually should follow the topic selected in the topic essay). The student is expected to summarize the main body of scholarship relevant to the topic they are working on.

The main books that I will use in my master project are “The Israel lobby and U.S. foreign policy” by John J Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt and “Position of the Israel Lobby in the United States’ Political System” by Mehmet Talaykurt. Everything else that concerns directly about Trump and Obama sources u can use whatever u will find and what u think is necesery.

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