Literacy Narrative Essay

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To Read:

Read chapters () on short stories. Look particularly at the stories “Everyday Use,” pg. 77 “A Rose for Emily,” pg. 32 and “The Storm.” pg. 104 in you Backpack Literature book.

Assignment: You will create a Literacy Narrative. A literacy narrative is a story about reading and writing.


The purpose of this assignment is to describe how you learned something significant about yourself as a reader and writer. Think about the two literacy narratives we just read. What did you notice about the introduction, body, and conclusion of each piece? What elements do you want to make sure you include in your own narrative?


  • 1-2 typed, double-spaced pages (400-500 words)
  • At least three paragraphs (intro, body, conclusion)
  • MLA format (heading, header, font, size, etc.)

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