Lit Review Assessmen

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I have assignment that is 5 questions. The questions are related to research. There are tools you should follow to answer these questions. One of the tools is reading the chapter 4 of the WLR book.

The tools are:

1. Hard copy or digital note cards, which will be used to document notes taken during the subsequent detailed reading stage of the literature

review project.

2. Different colored self-stick flags or the highlighting function of a word processor, which will be used to identify noteworthy items.

The questions are:

WLR’s Module 04 Chapter 4 Group Lit Review Assessment Submission

Use this app to submit the following for the WLR’s Module 4 Chapter 4:

  • Brief descriptive statements about two papers on group’s preliminary literature review reference list
  • Preliminary topical outline for literature review
  • Prioritized initial reading list
  • Documentation of the group’s literature review note taking system
  • The two described papers

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