LinkedIn project

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Instructions: You will create your very own Professional/ or Student profile page on LinkedIn.

Please watch: How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile – TIPS + EXAMPLES: (Links to an external site.)

Note: if you don’t want your page to be public you can turn it off after I have given you the grade. Here’s how to turn off your profile, see: (Links to an external site.)

Tips for Creating Your Online Profile: Remember, be professional and respectful in your social environment! Your public profile should communicate to the outside world about…

In addition, professional profile picture is one of the most overlooked aspect of your career. Please click the link below:

  1. Short Video for Profile Picture: (Links to an external site.)

Please follow the Check list below for effective profile: (Links to an external site.)

+ Don’t forget to upload your Resume and Cover Letter.

Building a great student profile: (Links to an external site.)

Example: Prof. breana My Profile

  • Notice the following: Introduction, Cover Letter and Resume (together). (Links to an external site.)

For submission: Simply copy and paste the LinkedIn address and send it to me.

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