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Respond to this two questions you have materials uploaded.

Separate Q1 from Q2.

1.What is the difference between elicited and emitted behavior? Options Menu: Thread(one nice paragraph)

2.What is the difference between interoceptive and exteroceptive stimuli?? (one nice paragraph)

also respond to my classmate in positive way. (one nice paragraph)

1 RE: What is the difference between elicited and emitted behavior?

Elicited behavior is the behavior that is commonly presented through the template of S (stimulus)—R (behavior). This means that elicited behavior is “behavior” that is brought on and controlled by a specific stimulus. This type of behavior is also known as affective behavior. Whereas, emitted behavior is commonly represented by the template of R—S. This means that the emitted behavior is controlled by a stimulus that will be a result of the specific behavior. Therefore, Dr. Dygdon stated in her notes, emitted behavior is “behaved” in order to bring or a specific event or achieve a certain goal. Emitted behavior made me think of studying long hours (behavior) in order to achieve a good grade on an exam (stimulus). Where elicited behavior made me think of getting a bad grade on a test (stimulus) and deciding to study more than last time (behavior).


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