late capitalism, KNES 460 Module Essay help

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i am a sport management major and need someone that understands sport management just a tad. neoliberalism and post modern culture is important.

you are going to be writing about super bowl 50. Not being at the game but watching it on tv. THE BIG THINGS YOU HAVE TO FOCUS THE PAPER ON ARE. 1) LATE CAPITALISM 2) THE SPECTACLE 3) THE CELEBRITY

if you have any questions please let me know. this teacher is the hardest grader i have ever dealt with so everything has to be perfect.

and you had to write 9 pages about the topic THERE CANT BE ANY FILLER (or anything that is unnecessary you have to relate everything to the

reading OR the class notes which i will provide. I would say do either Cam Newton or Peyton Manning because that would be the easiest for the celebrity .

please read the rubric to find out where to get sources and how things should be done.

thank you so much.

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