Keirsey Temperament Sorter Questionnaire peer response

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Hello Class,

I went ahead to take my Keirsey Temperament Sorter Questionnaire from What is kind of coincidental, is that this is very similar to a personality test I have my students take during one of the classes I teach for the military. I did come up with very much similar results as the other personality test. The test came back and stated that I was a guardian temperament. I would have to say after ready the explanation of exactly a guardian consists of, I would agree that I do very well fall into that category. I am the type of person that if there is a task that needs to be accomplished, I will ensure I get it complete if not almost complete. I feel that it is definitely strength that I persevere and don’t like to hear the words we can’t but, it is also a great weakness I see I can have. I tend to have one track mind and lose focus are surrounding tasks if I think that one particular project is considered more important. I am currently trying to allow myself to be a little less frantic to finish a particular task so quickly.

I must also follow a sort of very strict routine for my day. I very well rather have a schedule that was on time. One thing I hate the most is people being late to an appointed time, place, or deadline. I do think that disliking the thought of being late for deadlines will help me with creative thinking to assist in solving project problems and shortfalls.

STUDENT 2: Seadrick Adams

After answering the Temperament Sorter Questionnaire my temperament was identified as Guardian. Guardian’s are identified as the backbone of society in that they preserve what is considered the most important institutes of society. What I found extremely true but peaked my curiosity is that they like to keep things running smoothly and at peak performance. Another thing that the questionnaire suggested is that Guardians have an underlying belief in law and order and worries that respect for the authority has lost its. However, when it comes to what types of projects that Guardians would be best suited for, the results did not suggest what projects suites Guardians but, it did suggest what traits a guardian has.

According to Jack Felt (n.d.), one of the traits of a Guardian is that when it comes to learning guardians prefer to have facts rather than ideals. Guardians would rather have details presented to them or told than having to do the research. This way they will not feel as if they missed out on something important or useful. Another trait is of the guardian is being accountable and responsible for any task they are embarked on. Group learning is one thing that guardians prefer, however, they expect everyone involved in the group to do their part in order to complete the task. Considering the traits of the guardian, there are some weaknesses to the guardian.

One weakness that is suggested of the guardian is they become to detailed in what they do. Guardians fail to consider others input or opinions (Myers-Briggs, 2015). If guardians forget the side of feelings they run the table of hurting people’s feelings through the use of logic and reasoning to situations which calls for more emotional sensitivity. Another weakness is that guardians become less vocal or less communicative when dealing with stress. When dealing with stress guardians have a tough time putting words together because of misguided feelings.

One way to compensate for this weaknesses is to stay focused on the detail of what is being done, however, show consideration for the ideals or idea of colleagues. This show that you hear the opinions and inputs and you will consider applying them to the work at hand. Furthermore, when dealing with stress I would suggest taking a moment to gather your feelings and try to find understanding of what is the objective of what is causing the stress rather it be the budgeting, up to date analysis, etc. Taking time to decompress can help you through any task you are embarked on it is knowing when to do so before it get out of control.


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