Kean University Taxonomic Systems Biology Paper

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Over the years Taxonomists have used a number of approaches to

try and classify the forms of life on this planet. Especially the

unicellular and unusual forms. There was the two kingdom system,

the 5 kingdom system (with Kingdom Monera), the 3 domain system

(that we are using in our class) and many other systems over the

centuries and some that are quite new and not yet universally

adopted. For your paper: research, summarize and review these

various taxonomic systems. Note why each system was proposed;

how it was meant to improve on a previous system and what criteria

were/are used to organize the various forms of life. Finally after

reviewing all the various approaches taken over the years suggest a

system of your own. What criteria would you take from the

approaches you review, both past and present, to create a more

perfect future system. There is no wrong answer, but there are well

thought out answers and not so well thought out answers.

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