Just do this project which is Part 1,Part 3 and Part 5 second question.

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Try to write at least 18 pages at most 20 pages total! MLA format and work cite page. my topic country is Japan and he work in “Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi” he is Director of restaurant!

HOSP 3085: International Hotel Operations, Development and Management

Project Sheet, Winter 2017-2018

Prof. Boyland

Project Purpose: For your project, you will develop an information/orientation seminar for a US hoteliers taking a multi-year expatriate management position in an assigned country.

Project Parameters: This is a team assignment. Your project will consist of a professionally written paper that could be used as a presenter’s manual and a stand-up presentation that would be suitable as an information/orientation session for managers interested in applying for the position. It is anticipated that your presentation will be approximately 35 to 45 minutes in length.

Project Sections: Your project will include the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction

Give a brief description of the hotel in which the US manager would be working. Please include the brand, the location, the size, the amenities, the customers and anything else about the company or property you think someone unfamiliar with it should know. This should be an actual property located within the country you have been assigned. City, property type, etc, is at your discretion.

Section 2: Country Overview

Provide a very brief history of the country. Also provide a general profile to include: population, ethnic groups, religions, language(s), general cultural values, education and school systems, size of country, government, per capita income, currency, climate, national holidays, food.

Section 3: Life as an Expatriate

Outline what day to day living would be like for an expatriate and suggestions for how he or she could better cope with its challenges. This may include: language lessons and communication, finding a place to live and recommendations, transportation within city of residency, cost of living, etc.

Section 4: Quiz

Develop a 10 question quiz that a manager who viewed your presentation should be able to pass.( just make 5 questions it’s fine)


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