journal 9+10+11

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here is 3 weeks ppt and reading, you should to help me write down 3 journals for separate and total for 3 pages. each journal need one or more reference.

Week 9 Community, Family, Margin
March 13 Truck Farms, Bing Cherries, and the “Potato King”
March 15 film: Home from the Eastern Sea
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chap. 7.
Sucheng Chan, This Bitter Sweet Soil (University of California Press, 1986), 106-157.
Donald Hata, Jr. and Nadine Hata, “George Shima: ‘The Potato King of California,’”
Journal of the West, 25:1 (1986), 55-63.

Week 10 Impossible Subjects
March 20 Earthquakes, Paper Sons, and Picture Brides
March 22 Asiatic Exclusion
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chap. 8-9.
Erika Lee, At America’s Gates (University of North Carolina Press, 2003), 23-46.
Mae Ngai, Impossible Subjects (Princeton University Press, 2005), 21-55.
Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers comic strip panels.
Further Reading: Philip Francis Nowlan, “Armageddon–2419 A.D.,” Amazing Stories (August 1928),
Lorrin Thomas, Puerto Rican Citizen (University of Chicago, 2010).

Week 11 Citizenship at War
March 27 Racial Citizenship
March 29 film: Rabbit in the Moon
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chap. 10.
Peter Irons, Justice At War (University of California Press, 1993), 75-103.
Gordon Chang, “‘Superman is about to visit the relocation centers’ and the Limits of
Wartime Liberalism,” Amerasia, 19:1 (1993): 37-60.
Further Reading: Jeanne Watatsuki Houston and James D. Houston, Farewell to Manzanar (Houghton
Mifflin, 1973).
Michi Weglyn, Years of Infamy, updated ed. (University of Washington, 1995).
Personal Justice Denied (The Civil Liberties Public Education Fund, 1997).

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