journal 5+6+7+8

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here is 4 weeks ppt and reading, you should to help me write down 4 journals for separate and total for 4 pages. each journal need one or more reference.

Week 5 Asian Colonies
February 13 The Great Divergence
February 15 Changing Homelands
Readings: Marks, Origins of the Modern World, conclusion.
Gary Okihiro, American History Unbound (University of California Press, 2015), intro.
& chap. 1.
Matt K. Matsuda, Pacific Worlds (Cambridge University Press, 2012), 176-215.

Week 6 Migration, Diaspora, Work
February 20 Coolies and Cane
February 22 Gold Rushes and Gold Mountains
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chaps. 2-3.
Moon-Hu Jung, Coolies and Cane (The Johns Hopkins Press, 2008), 39-72.
Susan Johnson, Roaring Camp (Norton, 2001), 237-274.

Week 7 American Empire
February 27 I’ve been working on the railroad
March 1 Continental Divides / Following the flag
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chap. 4-5.
“Chinese Railroad Workers in North America” project, Stanford University
Robert G. Lee, Orientals (Temple University Press, 1999), 15-50.
Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden,” McClure’s, 12:4 (February 1899), 4.
Vicente Rafael, White Love (Duke University Press, 2000), 76-102.

Week 8 Building, Growing
March 6 winter break
March 8 Iron Chinks and Lumberjacks
Readings: Okihiro, American History Unbound, chap. 6.
Chris Friday, Organizing Asian American Labor (Temple University Press, 1994) 48-

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