IVC Muscular System Work Worksheet

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  1. What type of muscle makes up the muscular system?
  2. One type of muscle contraction results in a stabilizing force. This allows you to?
  3. What proportion of the body’s weight does the skeletal system make up?
  4. Without the muscular system, we wouldn’t be able to make most of the body heat that we require. Is this a true or false statement?
  5. Describe the functional difference between fast and slow twitch muscles.
  6. What benefits does the muscular system provide, other than just helping you to move?
  7. Not everyone has a perfectly functioning muscular system: muscular disorders are relatively common. Give one such muscular disorder that you have heard of before, breifly explain what goes wrong with the muscular system in that case and how doctors and researchers are trying to treat it.

please refer to this video https://youtu.be/VVL-8zr2hk4 to answer the questions.


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