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Imagine that you work as a senior project manager in the Human Resources department of a large professional service company with 5,000 employees across five countries. Your current HR system is outdated, and the original vendor is no longer in business. After many internal discussions and procurement planning, your firm has decided to “buy” product called Workday. Workday has proven to be a dynamic application, and its adoption is nothing short of amazing. Workday’s existing customers are very complimentary, and that was one biggest factor in selecting Workday.

  1. What is the three most important project management deliverables as you initiate and plan the project? Explain why you believe these three deliverables are the most important.
  2. One of the risks that you identified early was that your company is rather unique, both in terms of the organization structure and processes. Therefore, there will likely be significant customizations required in Workday before the system can be used. Which project management process should you implement to manage these potential changes?
  3. Given what you know about this project, what do you believe to be the most important success factors? Please identify three and explain.
  4. As you prepare to manage this project, what are some of the most important tools and techniques that you plan to use? List 3 and explain.
  5. Your sponsor, VP of Human Resources, suggested that there needs to be a robust governance for this project as the implication is enterprise-wide. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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