Intro to Logics 101 Final Exam Help *Please read description*

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Please note if you are bidding on this, you must be available to help me on **Saturday May 5th from 6pm-9pm Eastern time.**

Will be giving out a massive tip if you can help me out well on it. Giving 50%-100% tip based on the help and quality of work.

Things that will likely be on it:

*. on soundness; its constituent properties

*. on deductive v. inductive; distinction criteria

*. on symbolizing compound sentences

*. on sufficiency v. necessity in conditionals

*. on using Truth-Tables for modality & equivalence

*. on proving under Sentential Logic (including CP & IP)

*. on using QN under Predicate Logic

*. on proving syllogistic arguments under Predicate Logic

You will also be asked to answer the following questions in short essay format:

*. on truth-functional vs. non-truth-functional in semantics

*. on fallacy of the begging-the-question

*. on logical principles for Reductio ad Absurdum

(why is IP legitimate, after all?)

*. on three dichotomies of modality

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