Intro to Entrepreneurship; M2. Discussion – Solving Social Ills Through Innovation

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Let’s continue to look at opportunity and how opportunity may present itself, in this case “social ills”. In these videos, civic leader Michael Tubbs shares his story of growing up in the California, attending Stanford and going on to become one of the youngest elected officials in U.S. history. He calls on entrepreneurs behind today’s biggest tech innovations to also focus on solving society’s biggest problems, like poverty, illiteracy and inequality.

In addition to the material in the first two modules of the text, please use these videos from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner as part of your preparation for this discussion:

  1. Focusing Innovation on Societal Problems; Michael Tubbs, City of Stockton [2 mins]
  2. Pain Leads to Passion; Michael Tubbs, City of Stockton [4 mins]

Consider the following questions as you review the videos:

  • What does it mean to solve social ills through innovation?
  • What kind of social ills (or opportunities) do you see which could be addressed through entrepreneurial innovation?

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