Internet Data Analysis for Business Essay

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In addition to the e-Business Plan template under the Search
Engine Optimization Plan section heading, add a Search Engine
Optimization Plan of 4–5 pages that includes the following for the case
study organization:

  • Discuss how a Web site’s sitemap can help improve search rankings.
  • Describe the meta tags for the proposed Web site.
  • Describe other types of tags that are used to improve a Web site’s search ranking.
  • Describe the key words for the proposed Web site (based on analytics from Week 3, if possible).
  • Provide 2–3 keywords for 10 different competitors.
  • Create a Web site goal statement (unique selling proposition [USP]) including key words.
  • Create title and description tags for your proposed Web site.
  • Use a free key word ranking tool to track your key words and provide results.

All sources should be cited both in the text and in the references using APA format.

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