International discrimination law

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Read the webpage from the European Union Council Directive 2000/78/EC, and the FindLaw case webpage on Tenkorang v. American International Group, Inc., and the case Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Arabian American Oil Co. on pages 537 – 538 of your text. Then, review What Does ICANN Do? on the ICANN webpage. in a page length, answer the following. 2 peer reviewed references.

1) In the Arabian American Oil case the court indicates that Title VII protections do not extend to what type of businesses? What are the similarities in the decision in Arabian American Oil with the decision in Tenkorang?

2) What Article of the EU Directive 2000/78/EC mandates reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals? Under the EU Directive what is the definition of direct discrimination?

3) Is it ethically appropriate for an American corporation to open a plant in a developing country and engage in discriminatory practices that would be illegal in the United States? [eg. refuse to hire older applicants or only promote males] Defend your answer.

4) What is the purpose of ICANN? If ICANN did not exist and each country regulated the internet, what issues could develop?

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