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Question 1

“Social Media”

Select a business organization you know well, but not one you have used in a previous discussion. Do not repeat an example from the textbook or one that has been posted by another student. Please respond to the following in not more than 250 words:

  • Identify how, in the last three years, that organization has changed its approach to social media.
  • Describe the intended effects of these changes.
  • How successful was the organization in achieving its goals?

Then, in separate posts, follow up to one or more of your fellow students in substantive up to 200 word posts that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions.

Support your positions with explanations and/or sources, as appropriate.

Question 2:

Individuals have come to rely on social media, and so have businesses. As technology evolves, so do the ways that companies use these media.

This week, please find a company that has instituted a new way to apply social media. Why did they make the change, and has it met their expectations?

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