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Individual Project

Your individual project effort is a research paper based on your choice of title within one of the following areas: 1) The growing international role of (choice of country) in Supply Chain Management; 2) Corporate global outsourcing experiences; 3) Significance of eCommerce in SCM; 4) Passenger or cargo transportation security; 5) Impact of RFID technology on SCM; 6) Future role of unions in Supply Chain Management; 7) Individual state incentives to attract new business; 8) Increasing significance of aircraft, trucks, trains or ships (choose one) in U.S. SCM; 9) Bribery in international business and 10) International franchising (choice of industry / company).

Please note the project rules. You determine the title and content of your research. The project paper must be submitted in MS Word format, with a minimum of four or more discussion pages (discussion body) plus title and reference pages. Use single line spacing (blank lines only after paragraphs) and twelve point Times Roman font. Margins for page setup are one inch on all four sides. Less than the minimum four discussion pages will result in a significant loss of point value.

The grading rubric includes eight subsets: substance, organization, presentation, cognitive progression of ideas, ability to communicate, timeliness of examples, logical support for conclusions and cited research materials verification.

A fine idea is to enlist the expertise of the eWriting Center at the University of Toledo to maximize the impact of the project. You may choose your formatting style including APA, MLA or Chicago Manual.

Check the schedule for your individual project title deadline date and final date to submit the actual project paper via a course message attachment to me. Importantly, remember to cite references!

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