IMP2 & Reflection

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you will be doing IMP2 and the Reflection

and finally you will add IMP1,IMP2, and the Reflection together in one docx

IMP2 (4000) words

Reflection (2000)word

  • The word count for Part 1 & 2 is 8,000 words. The Reflection is 2,000
  • The word count can be plus or minus 10% and does not include the Executive Summary, Contents Page or Reference List.
  • The work should be submitted as one document but clearly identified as Part 1, Part 2 and Reflection.
  • A report format is required for 1 & 2 – see guidance under ‘Assessment and Feedback’. In addition, the ‘Assessment and Evaluation criteria’ should be followed – aim for ‘Excellent’


  • The Reflective Report does not have a prescribed format. It is for you to decide – again follow the advice and criteria under ‘Assessment and Feedback’
  • Try not to just describe your experiences on the MBA journey. Evaluate the benefit of utilizing ‘tools/models/theories and frameworks.

How could you improve your future performance for IMP2?

  • At the outset, after the title page and before the content page provide an Executive Summary. Not after the content page. The Executive Summary should be a precis of the complete work including key recommendations.
  • In the first instance it is suggested that a more formal report format utilizing headings, sub headings and numbering would improve the report.
  • At the outset incorporate an introductory paragraph stating what was done and how based upon the assignment brief. Thus, providing a framework and sign posts for the reader.
  • More detail required in relation to the background of the organization alongside sector context. Include, for example the number of employees.
  • consider including a summary of the problem in two to three sentences to aid the reader,
  • Post problem identification determine the ‘tools’ to be utilized for analysis (models/theories/frameworks). Then undertake the analysis. Based upon the analysis and findings draw conclusions from which recommendations can be made. Try and include an action Plan with time lines and costings.
  • Ensure that when preparing the Literature Review for IMP 2 that both the ‘tools’ (models/theories/frameworks) and literature are rigorously critiqued.

Attachment is

1-IMP2 Assignment brief Parts 1 & 2 and Reflection

2-Sample IMP2.

the sample has the full work please do our work on the same way

and then add what you did before in IMP1


looking forward to see your great work

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