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During the new product development process, it is important for companies to understand the social and cultural environments of different countries. Culture is a strong part of people’s lives, as it influences their views, values, and loyalties. Knowing the different countries environments is the difference between a country accepting or denying a product. When companies develop new products and plan to market them in foreign countries, they need to develop international marketing research.

When companies enter into globalization, they need to understand the different social norms, beliefs, attitudes, and the want/needs of the consumer since they can differ from our own. After Burger King developed their new Texican Whopper, their introduction marketing strategy offend different countries. Because Burger King was marketing their new product to one specific target market, they ended up offending other potential markets, causing a loss in business.

When companies enter into the new-product development process, they also need to understand different social environments. For example, people usually end up working an average of 40-50 hours per week, so their free time of shopping is limited. When developing new products, “markets can help develop products that will help consumers save time” (Adams, 2018).

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A product must conform and appeal to the sociocultural mix of the target market to create a local appeal for the product (Bergman, 2000). The world consists of global citizens who bear unique socio-cultural identities. A product in a certain country may offend people from another country. For instance, when considering a burger, McDonald’s will not include pork in its list of ingredients in predominantly Muslim countries. If the company does not consider the social and cultural environment, it has the potential of sparking ugly scenes and even protests which will taint the image of the company globally as insensitive (Dunne, 2005).

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