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Craft 2-3 narrow, focused research questions about a current topic in the natural sciences. Choose 2 scholarly and 2 popular articles on your topic. Scholarly sources are written by experts for experts in academic journals (Journal of the American Medical Association). They tend to have a formal, objective style and a list of references. Popular, or non-scholarly, articles are written more for a general audience in major newspapers and magazines (New York Times, Newsweek). They use more informal language and do not contain reference lists. After reading and annotating the texts, you will write your review synthesizing the material, providing your reader with a sense of any recent changes or setbacks. The synthesis worksheets will help you to see similarities and differences between sources, but the paper should not be just stating what is on the worksheet. The review should have an introduction to the topic and the state of the available scholarship on it, a body in which the paragraphs are organized according to the issues or synthesized areas that you are exploring, and a conclusion assessing the scholarship. The paper must be written in APA (American Psychological Association) style. You can find more information about writing a literature review on pages 182-195, which includes a sample. There is also a worksheet, “How to Write a Literature Review,” on Moodle.


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