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According to the syllabus, your final assignment is to write a at least 3000 word paper on a leadership case in healthcare.

Your paper must have the following components:

1.) Title/Topic

2.) Introduction/Background

– Describe the case in detail

3.) Methods

– Describe how the case was managed and handled in the real world (the leadership methods/theories/models used)

– Describe how you would have handled and managed the case if you had been in charge of the case (your approach: leadership methods/theories/models)

4.) Results

– Describe the results of the case management in the real world

– Describe the possible/potential results of managing the case if it would have been done based on your approach

5.) Discussion

– Compare your possible/potential results with the real world results

6.) Conclusion

– Describe the lessons learned from this study

7.) References

– Include the list of the papers, textbooks, websites, and blogs that you have used in your paper based on the “MLA citation style.”

– This paper should be done in Microsoft Word.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the final assignment.

I will upload the care study & with its powerpoint that has more information about it so it helps u.


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