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This are the first instructions:

nswer all of the following questions in the Discussion Board for this week:

Can system objectives be realistically established across a broad range of autonomous or semi-autonomous agencies and departments?

Is it desirable to have consistent objectives across different departments and agencies? Does the lack of a cohesive system of objectives, goals, and mission statements seriously impair the waging of the war on terror?

Often left out of the establishment of agency goals and priorities is the general public. Yet, the public is the key constituency that First Responders seek to protect and to render assistance in the event of an act of terrorism. Should the public have a role in establishing the system objectives of an agency or department? Explain your answer.

Assignment needs to be in APA format

This was the feedback I need you to fix:

This needs to be more scholarly with references and In text citations. I’ve listed some study notes from the class and some references below.

Addressing the growing and rapidly diversifying universe of terrorist threats necessarily demands that Washington develop a cohesive policy to countering terrorism. The 9/11 Commission identified a number of key areas that were not prioritized in the years leading to the attacks. First, the systems put into place by the scores of departments, agencies, and bureaus charged with responding to national emergencies did not prioritize the collection of information about terrorist threats outside their jurisdictions.


9/11 Report Chapter 10 http://govinfo.library.unt.edu/911/report/.


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