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Conceptual Analysis:The
final section of the assignment should be a 2-3 paragraph analysis of the
experience as it relates to the core concepts discussed in the course (ie.
leisure as a condition of being, leisure behavior and healthy living, leisure
and life span, culture and leisure, issues and trends in leisure, etc.)
Students will need to demonstrate integration of course content through 1-2
citations in this section of the paper.

has this experience changed your perception of leisure from the start of class
to now?  How has the experience helped
you to synthesis the importance of leisure as a component of human
behavior?  Various definitions of leisure
were discussed in class and in the online discussions. Apply 1 (or more) of the
definitions to the experience and explain. How does this experience relate to
life satisfaction and well being?

and current trends in recreation are discussed in the readings and lectures.
Does your experience support any of the content discussed? Explain.

course concepts does my participation in this activity relate to?

and people with disabilities (PWD) was one of the course lectures. Can you
visualize PWD participating in the activity you selected? Separately?


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