I need help answering 6 discussion questions please

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Please answer each question in 100-150 words and provide the reference used with each in APA format. When answering the questions please list them by number as they are now.

  • Describe the range of testing that is allowed in the workplace. What are some of the limitations of workplace testing? What are some of the limitations of pre employment testing? What are some of the potential pitfalls for management? What might management do to avoid the pitfalls?Provide an actual example as part of your response to each question.
  • Consider the case of Lanning v. Septa where women sued the Philadelphia Transit Authority claiming that its transit police running test had an illegal disparate impact on female applicants.The women claimed the ability to run a long distance within a certain period of time did not relate to the requirements of the transit police person position.The courts disagreed.http://www.siop.org/tip/backissues/tipocto99/26Sha…
  • Have any of you heard of the use of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) at work?Its use has been held to violate the ADA.Check out the case of Karraker v. Rent-A-Center, http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-7th-circuit/1486883…. you ever recommend that an employer use psychological testing?If so, under what circumstances would it be legal?
  • What are the limitations on checking applicants’ or employees’ criminal or credit backgrounds?
  • Define affirmative action. Which employers are subject to affirmative action laws? What potential effect does affirmative action have on employees and the workplace? Please provide examples for your response to each question.
  • Kayla, a supervisor, recently hired a new manager, Alex, but has received complaints from customers that they cannot understand him when they speak to him on the telephone.Alex is a Romanian employee visiting from the company’s Romanian office and is scheduled to remain with the firm for two years. Kayla is concerned that if she allows Alex to perform duties similar to other managers, the firm will lose customers; however, she is unsure about the firm’s liability for decreasing Alex’s responsibilities as a result of his foreign accent.What do you advise?
  • Do you think this was the right decision?Keep in mind these thoughts when we discuss the New Haven fire fighters case next week.

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