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My assignment is to write a 3-4 page analysis of one of the movies listed below. The goal of this essay is NOT to review a movie, but to give detailed and systematic analysis of the central philosophical issues raised in the film. 

The Matrix (the first one)



Minority Report

Truman Show


I chose to do Inception but if you haven’t seen the movie or have a firmer grasp on any of the other movies you can choose a different one. 

Here are some notes from my professor:

“Part of the analysis must include references to readings from from sources you find. 2-3 should be sufficient, but they must be substantive. In other word, NO “QUOTE-JACKING” (lifting one sentence out a piece just to say you used a source, while providing no substantive analysis or rendering its presence meaningless in light of what you have written).

Blogs, newspapers, and the professor DO NOT count as sources (unless the one writing/speaking is a professional philosopher). Google can help, but it is difficult to sort through the mountains of nonsense to find decent pieces, at least at this stage. There are some online “dictionaries of philosophy” that may be useful. At times, Wikipedia has good synopses of philosophical concepts and arguments, but it is not to be relied on.

Standard rules for essay writing apply. This means the essay should be a clearly written and well-developed. It should include a brief introduction, a thesis statement, a “body” that develops the main points as reflected in the thesis statement, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an “A” if these basic requirements are not met, and a “B” grade will be difficult if more than one is missing!

Font:   12 pt times (new) roman

Margins:   One (1) inch

Spacing:   Double

Cover Sheet:  Not necessary

Bibliography:  Only if non-class sources are used. Otherwise, cite class sources in text.



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