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Questions For Secondary Source Analysis #2 (Please Choose Only One Article from those listed below, all are in the course pack)

  1. Joan Hoff Wilson, The Illusion of Change: Women and the American Revolution (p. 152).
  2. Thelma Jennings, The Sexual Exploitation of African-American Slave Women (p. 190).
  3. Brenda Stevenson, Distress and Discord in Slave Families (p. 256).
  4. Peter Kolchin, Antebellum Slavery: Slave Religion and Community (p. 280).
  5. Ira Berlin, Who Freed the Slaves? Emancipation and Its Meaning (p. 364).

Based on your reading of one of the five above articles (all are in the course pack), answer the following questions in detail, save as a .doc, or .pdf file, and submit by clicking on the blue “submit” button by the due date.


1. Who is this author and what are his/her credentials? (you may have to do a little research here)

2. Who are the key people in this article?

3. What are the key events?

4. What are the key subjects?

5. Is this article based on primary sources or other secondary sources?

6. Name one primary source the historian uses.

7. What is the main argument or thesis?

8. How does the writer build her/his argument?

9. How would you critique or question this argument?

*Remember, you will be graded on the depth of your analysis and the detail of your answers.


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