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You are a consultant in a children’s ward for a long-term care hospital facility geared towards ages 3 to 10 years. They ask you to construct an indoor/outdoor play center and activity schedule, which allows those in early and middle childhood to maintain and develop their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth while recovering from their injuries/illnesses.

For each piece of play equipment, toy, and furniture, justify for the stakeholders its use and placement. Make it clear when and why you would need to divide some of the space to separate those in early childhood from those in middle childhood. Answer the following questions:

  1. How does each toy/object contribute to the four types of development (e.g., fine motor movement helps physical growth)?
  2. How does each toy/object facilitate the social-emotional bonds of children with their families?
  3. How does each toy/object improve coping and adjustment to long-term care?

Preliminary Deliverables:

  • Week 4: Submit Project Topic and Preliminary Examination: Explain why this topic is important to you (in one paragraph), and write a brief overview of the types of illnesses/injuries requiring hospital care (in 2-3 paragraphs). Then, describe a few of your selected toys and explain why they would be optimal for these children while in the hospital ward (in two paragraphs).
  • Week 7: Submit an Annotated Bibliography and Reference List: You are required to glean appropriate sources from the CSU-Global Library (including academic, professional, and peer-reviewed journal articles) and prepare an annotated bibliography using five to seven of these relevant sources. You certainly should also consider using the assigned readings as supplemental citations. This annotated bibliography must be written in APA format, according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Final Paper Reqirements:

  1. Your double-spaced paper should be 7-9 pages in length (not counting the required title and reference pages).
  2. Include an introduction. It must provide a clear statement of your position on the topic.
  3. Your paper should synthesize current, relevant research on this topic from at least five scholarly sources.
  4. Discuss the implications of possible solutions for the project under consideration.
  5. Finally, offer your conclusions regarding how best to manage the issue (i.e., your informed opinion on the issues raised).

Your paper must demonstrate what you have learned about current issues related to human development. It is expected to have depth and offer a thoughtful analysis on the topic. Your writing should be based on references to scholarly materials (rather than on introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings, for example). That is, support your claims with evidence.

The most common mistakes in writing an essay are: (a) simply summarizing the topic and not analyzing it or discussing your views; and (b) failing to relate the subject to the broader context of human development, as discussed in the course and found in the readings.

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